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Our mission

The Ohio Forage & Grassland Council (OFGC) joins grassland managers, livestock owners, agribusiness, public servants, and interested citizens to support the effective use of Ohio's grassland resources. The OFGC is a member-led, all volunteer non-profit. Members elect a Board of Directors. University specialists serve as OFGC advisers. An annual membership meeting is held each winter.

Our objectives

  1. Encourage the efficient and profitable use of forage and pasture crops for feed;
  2. Promote Ohio hay and pasture-raised livestock products;
  3. Maintain open spaces and Ohio's agricultural landscape;
  4. Improve forage management on all sizes and types of farms;
  5. Develop guidelines for forage production, utilization, and marketing;
  6. Educate land managers about cost-effective sustainable practices;
  7. Practice soil conservation and water quality management;
  8. Build coalitions to serve and advocate for the forage-livestock industry;
  9. Support local and statewide forage events and forage research;
  10. Participate in forage research and development of management tools.

Our mission

The Ohio Forage and Grasslands Council, Inc. exists to enhance the profitability of Ohio farmers through the use of forage and grasslands resources, and to facilitate the opportunity for collective interaction between producers and other forage workers, both public and private.

We do forage.

Ohio Forage & Grassland Council provides practical, research-based pasture, hay, baleage, and silage information. We provide professional development for producers, scientists, educators, and industry representatives. OFGC is an affiliate of the American Forage & Grassland Council.


Our Member Farms

OFGC has 55 member farms across the state. Including but not limited to:


Enhancing the profitability of Ohio farmers through the use of forage and grasslands resources.


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